Friday, April 23, 2010

My Dream Destination

We all have our dream destinations, the places we that are must be visited in our life. 
This is  my dream places, the places that attract me very much. I think our world has lot's of wonderful places, worth of visiting, but if I could choose only 1, I'd make this places to visit.

Venice, Italy... is definitely a place you shouldn't miss! This city is one of the world's most unique group of islands - actually, it is the only inhabited lagoon in the world with an ancient history that dates back to the seventh century. The water of the numerous canals makes this place peaceful and enjoyable.

Vanica Italy Sunset

This was Venice, the flattering and suspect beauty

Beautiful Venice

Oh My God...The land of romance! Stunning culture, unique beauty....

Gondola Cove

 Gondola Ride

 Gondola Ride

  Sure the Gondola Ride attraction made me crazy  and certainly made for a memorable experience.

"Of Course....Venice is without doubt one of the most popular places in the world! What can be more romantic than ride the gondola (is a traditional, flat-bottomed rowing boat) with your lovely husband or sweetheart while admire the beauty if this place!I can't imagine my life without visiting Venice, maybe I will go there someday .....and you?"

If my dream come true. I definitely will choose non other than Malaysian Airlines

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