Monday, December 14, 2009

::SWEET moment contest by LENSA MAMA::

 Yessssss.......I Like This Contest
Because this is the first time I' m try to expose my daughters with the S:W:E:E:T fruity pop and also the winner will get  S:W:E:E:T moments with lensa mama for the 2 hours should try better than nothing....

So the theme for this contest is  S:W:E:E:T moments'. Get a picture of your baby/kid with anything that spells  S:W:E:E:T! Be it a candy, ice cream, chocolate, cupcakes or lolipops. Just make sure it's  S:W:E:E:T ok! The S:W:E:E:Ter the better... Contest starts Today untill 15th Dec 09.

How to join this sinful  S:W:E:E:Tness?
1. Be a follower of lensaMama
2. Include lensaMama in your blog list
3. Copy lensaMama's badge to the sidebar of you blog and link it to


4. Write a blog post of this contest with title ' S:W:E:E:T moments Contest by lensaMama'
5. Include the  S:W:E:E:T moments Contest banner and link it to this entry in your post and also your sidebar
6. Put in One (1) of your baby's photo in the post and mention your  S:W:E:E:Tie's name and date of birth
7. Write a short description about the  S:W:E:E:Tness in the photo
8. Leave a comment in this entry with your email address and direct link to your blogpost

For others terms and conditions, click here......

 These pictures below snapped yesterday when we went to have our outing at Jusco. The moments was captured by theirs father at KFC. Actually before this I'm not so willing to buy candy,  S:W:E:E:Ts, lollipop or ice cream for them, but wiling for joining this contest, i'm try to give them chance to taste the  S:W:E:E:T.....and as we know, fuyooooo.....the fruity pop really, really, really  S:W:E:E:T..
This was such a  S:W:E:E:T moment with Aleesya and Ayyunie eating fruity pop at the KFC.The fruity pop just not beatiful to look at, but nice to eat too.....
Enjoy the  S:W:E:E:Test pics...

1st S:W:E:E:Tie name: Damia Ayyunie bt Khairuddin
D.O.B: 30/03/09

2nd S:W:E:E:Tie name: Damia Aleesya bt Khairuddin
D.O.B: 17/10/07

Regards from us:

p/s: balik cepat2 gosok gigi.....

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